Pinecrest Police officers rescue iguana trapped in fence

PINECREST, FLA. (WSVN) - You’ve heard of law enforcement officials rescuing cats and kittens trapped in trees but what about iguanas trapped in fences? Officers from the Pinecrest Police Department have done just that.

According to Pinecrest Police, on Monday, Nov. 26, a Pinecrest resident went on an online community forum on Facebook to ask for advice about how to rescue a iguana that was stuck in between the chain links of a fence for over a day. Moments later, she received a response from a user who suggested she call the police.

That’s when two Pinecrest Police officers were dispatched to the area and were able to rescue the strangled iguana.

Police said the resident praised them in the forum by posting, “Officers Mangual and LaRicci [went] way above and beyond the call of duty! The iguana and we thank you.”

According to the police department, this isn’t the first time they have rescued an exotic animal.

Stanley the pet goat. Photo: Pinecrest Police and The Village of Pinecrest
Stanley the pet goat. Photo: Pinecrest Police

Pinecrest officers have rescued a range of animals, from a pet goat named Stanley to a Rose Breasted Cockatoo named Pinky.

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