Photographer captures wild flamingo walking on Haulover Beach

HAULOVER BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida photographer captured a beautiful sight despite the rainy weather: a flamingo walking along the beach!

Suzanne Mazzotti Zuckerman is an avid photographer who loves to take pictures of wild flamingos. When she got an alert about the spotting of a flamingo on Haulover Beach on Thursday afternoon, she immediately headed in that direction.

Zuckerman soon found the bird, and took video of it as it walked along the water’s edge.

“Watching them in the wild is just simply amazing!” she told Fox 13, noting she keeps in touch with Dr. Frank  Ridgley, a wildlife veterinarian for ZooMiami’s Conservation and Research Department. “I report all my data and videos and pictures I send to Dr. Ridgley who is trying to get our American Flamingos to be recognized as non-exotic and protected,” she said.

Zuckerman is a retired nurse, and has focused on photographing wild flamingos for the past three years. She says she has been birding for over 12 years.

Even though flamingos are often considered to be an iconic symbol of Florida, the birds are not considered native, and are rarely spotted in the wild, according to the Miami Herald.

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