Photographer asks for help finding stolen wedding photographs

MIAMI (WSVN) - A Miami photographer is asking for the public’s help in the search for a couple’s stolen wedding photos.

“It was parked right here where this sign is hanging on the fence. This was all full of vehicles at the time,” said Chad Keffer, as he showed where the photos were stolen.

A destination wedding photographer, Keffer is searching for the stolen memories.

More than a 100 roles of undeveloped film were stolen out of his Chevrolet Tahoe, Tuesday morning. It was parked on Northeast 62nd Street and Fourth Avenue in Miami’s Little River business district. Keffer was there for a meeting.

“They took a drill to the key hole of the driver’s door,” he said.

The film was inside an Amazon Prime box in his backseat, ready to be shipped to a California lab after a big wedding weekend in New York.

Keffer believes the criminals likely mistook the package for something pricey.

“I just want to preserve these memories for this couple,” Keffer said.

Keffer said he went into panic mode and quickly started driving around the area looking for his box of film in case someone simply dumped it on the side of the road. He has since retraced his footsteps and posted flyers with a reward of $5,000.

Keffer said he’s not even interested in pressing criminal charges. He has spent a decade capturing wedding bliss, and he doesn’t want that to come to an end.

However, now he is questioning what he will tell the newlyweds.

“It’s everything. It’s all you have to hold on to,” he said.

If you have any information on who stole the film, you can call Keffer at (305)-450-2282.

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