Owner of BMW driven by murder suspects in Miami-Dade pursuit speaks out

MIAMI (WSVN) - A South Florida man who rented luxury cars to a pair of men accused of murder is speaking exclusively to 7News.

Rashawn Welch serves as the president of 305 Elite Concierge, a company that rents out fancy and expensive vehicles to people in Miami.

He said the police pursuit that took place in Miami Beach and Miami on Monday caught his attention as it was being broadcast on TV, but then he took a closer look at realized the white BMW being chased belonged to his company.

“What was going through my mind at the time was, ‘Is this my car on television right now?'” Welch said. “When I find out that it is, I’m just shocked.”

Welch remembers the two men coming into his business with what, he believes, were fake IDs and fake insurance papers.

“Didn’t think nothing about it. Just two guys from New York wanting to come here and rent a car for a week,” he said. “We just thought he was coming to Miami to have some fun in the sun.”

Miami-Dade Police said 23-year-old Brandon Lee and 23-year-old Krishon Hedge were wanted for a homicide in Queens, New York. Officials with the U.S. Marshals Task Force spotted the car in Miami Beach and tried to take them into custody, but they fled and a chase ensued.

The chase made its way along Alton Road and then across MacArthur Causeway into the mainland.

The suspects were eventually stopped on the northbound lanes of Northwest 27th Avenue and 25th Street at the height of rush hour.

Officials said the two suspects are known for driving around in fancy vehicles.

Most recently, they were both part of a hit-and-run in Miami, involving a Lamborghini on Oct. 6, police said. Surveillance video captured them ditching the sports car before getting into a black Mercedes-Benz and fleeing the scene.

In that instance, the vehicle they hit was a pickup truck belonging to a City of Miami Beach firefighter. He snapped an image on his smart phone of one man and the Mercedes before it sped off.

Welch said the Lamborghini in that crash did not belong to his company.

The Miami-native has made it his personal mission to end gun violence, and even allows high school students to rent luxury cars for free if they turn in a gun. He said the wild chase has only motivated him to do more.

“It hurts me, and that’s the reason why I’m reaching out and saying, ‘Hey, listen, I want to give away more cars for guns right now,'” Welch said. “This has ignited a fire all over again for me.”

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