Over 100 animals found living in deplorable conditions in SW Miami-Dade home

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Miami-Dade Animal Services have removed over 100 animals that were found to be living in deplorable conditions inside a home in Southwest Miami-Dade.

County officials removed 99 dogs and five cats from the home, Thursday night.

The animals were found in every room of the house, including the garage and kitchen.

Miami-Dade Animal Services spokesperson Kathleen Labrada described the conditions the animals were living in as “Hell-like.”

“The filth that these dogs were living in, years of accumulated feces, about 2,000 sq. ft. of the most appalling living conditions that our investigators have likely ever encountered,” Labrada said. “The worst things that these animals endured was the absolute lack of human compassion. I mean, to house animals intentionally under these conditions is beyond horrific.”

Officials said the dogs are small to medium-sized Shih Tzu, basset hound and terrier mixes.

Miami-Dade Police said a good Samaritan tipped off investigators and alerted them to the abuse.

Investigators said the smell coming from the home was so strong that something was not right.

“The complaint alleged that there were a large number of dogs and the foul odor coming from the property,” Labrada said.

7News then spoke to Alice James, the owner of the home where the animals were found.

When asked about the severe shape authorities found the animals in, James denied any abuse, and instead, she said she had rescued them.

“I found them on the road,” James said. “One I found at Sedano’s, and I took her, and then the rest are from the road. The injured ones I nursed back to health, and yeah, we had a very close relationship.”

The animals will be examined by veterinarians at the Pet Adoption and Protection Center clinic in Doral and will then be assessed for adoption and rescue.

Many of the over 100 animals require serious medical attention, even surgery, veterinarians said.

James did not admit to the abuse animal rescue said the animals went through.

“Actually, they were not,” James said. “They were fed well, watered well. They were not abused. I did my best to take care of them. Never were they abused. Never ever.”

However, the pictures that were released and the professionals tell a different story.

“The dogs are being housed in a converted garage area,” Labrada said. “There was not adequate exchange of air, filth, years of feces built up on the floor and surrounding areas. All the dogs are urine-stained, coated in feces. The smell of these animals is appalling. It’s horrible to think that they were subjected to these type of living conditions.”

To adopt one of the animals, visit the Miami-Dade Animal Services website.

To report animal abuse, call 311.

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