Osprey trapped in Margate tree recovers at wildlife center

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - An injured osprey that was tangled in a tree is now recovering at the South Florida Wildlife Center.

Veterinarians are making sure that the bird is healthy after he spent days without food or water because he was stuck in a pine tree.

The osprey got a medical checkup at the center on Tuesday. Vets looked at his talons, cleaned his wounds, tested his blood and made sure that his vision was still good.

“Today we were looking to see if the animal was in good body condition,” said Dr. Renata Schneider, the director of Wildlife Rehabilitation. “He was several days without food or water. If the hydration had improved, he was hanging by his feet.”

The bird was hanging upside down at the top a tree near Northwest 108th Street and 67th Avenue in Margate on Monday.

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He was unnoticed until a nearby resident said she heard strange noises. “Like four days ago, I heard some noise coming from my backyard, not knowing what was there,” said Sharon Feist who spotted the bird, “and I saw something swing from the tree.”

The task was a challenge at first. Members from the South Florida Wildlife Center were brought in to try to help. They, in turn, called in an arborist, a professional who climbs trees to trim their branches, but this time, he used his skills and expertise to climb and rescue a helpless bird.

He made his way up the 80-foot tree and after some time, finally reached the top and made contact with the bird. A cage was shortly sent up and the bird was finally freed. The osprey was put inside the cage and was soon back on the ground.

“He was alert, but very tired,” said arborist Nate Stuart. “He didn’t seem to be hugely injured … I feel good about helping the bird. The thing probably wouldn’t have lasted another day.”

The osprey is expected to make a full recovery. If all goes well, he will be released into the wild in about a week.

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