Orlando-area woman recovering after gator attack

OVIEDO, Fla. (WSVN) — A Central Florida woman is recovering after, officials said, she was bitten by an alligator, Friday afternoon.

The reportedly 10-foot long gator bit the 40-year-old woman’s arm as she waded through waist-high water in the Little Big Econ River in Oviedo. Fortunately, the reptile let go of her pretty quickly.

One bicyclist from the area said the victim is lucky the attack wasn’t worse. “This is not a body of water that I would go swimming in. Not with gators like this here,” said Bobby Fishbough. “You’re risking your life. You’re taking a big chance because it’s you versus them.”

Doctors said the victim suffered serious injuries to her arm but is expected to be OK.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials believe they’ve captured and euthanized the gator responsible for the attack.

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