Officials release 911 calls during Dolphin Mall evacuation

SWEETWATER, Fla. (WSVN) – Weeks after reports of gunfire went out at Dolphin Mall, officials have released the calls for help.

The Aug. 19 incident led to the shopping center’s evacuation, but the panic subsided after shoppers were informed that it was a false alarm.

The fear could clearly be heard in the 911 calls that were released, Monday.

In one call, the caller explained the scene to the dispatcher.

Caller 1: “There’s a stampede of people running out of the mall.”

Operator: “OK, everyone just needs to try to stay calm.”

Another caller was a manager at a store.

Caller 2: “We just have all the people in the store. I’m a manager here. Everybody just walked in. Closed our gates, turned off our lights.”

When police arrived, they did not find any shell casings or victims.

A third caller expressed his panic and described the chaos unfolding inside.

Caller 3: “We’re at the H&M store, and everybody just started running to the back of the store. Everybody, I think, everybody is evacuating the mall.”

Operator: “Listen, try to calm down for a moment, OK?”

Caller 3: “I’m running to the exit right now.”

Operator: “No, no, no, listen to me. Listen, I need you to take a breather and stay inside the store, OK? I need you to stay inside the store, OK?”

Caller 3: “They are evacuating everyone. Everyone is running.”

Police evacuated shoppers, and they set up a perimeter, but nothing was found.

Although it was a false alarm, officials said they were prepared for any situation.

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