Officials probe claim that gunman’s Bayside visit sparked Orlando shooting

MIAMI (WSVN) - Officials are investigating a claim made by the father of the gunman behind the massacre inside an LGBT nightclub in Orlando that, he argues, provided the motive for the mass shooting.

According to several media reports, Seddique Mir Mateen said his son, Fort Pierce resident Omar Mateen, visited Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami during a trip to South Florida several months ago. He said Omar “became disgusted” when he saw two men embracing and perhaps kissing.

Since Seddique gave this statement, investigators have been trying to determine the validity of his story.

Bayside officials told 7News they are also trying to verify whether this encounter took place. They said they plan to review surveillance footage day by day to see if they can spot Mateen and the alleged incident.

Officials have not specified whether or not they have been able to find video supporting Seddique’s claim. They plan to issue a statement on the matter as early as Tuesday.

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