North Miami Beach Police Explorer uses training to save 2 from collision

NORTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) - Eighteen-year-old Nabeel Tahir, a North Miami Beach Police Explorer, recently put his training to good use, saving two passengers from a dangerous collision.

A driver had lost control of his car along Northwest 119th Street and 10th Avenue in Northwest Miami-Dade, Friday. The car then crashed into a propane business’ parking lot and flipped over, trapping the driver and the passenger inside.

Luckily for the occupants of the vehicle, Tahir heard the crash and ran outside.

“If the driver or the occupants of the vehicle weren’t out of the vehicle, then they could have inhaled a lot of that smoke and God knows what else could have happened,” said Tahir.

Tahir said he knew he had to do something.

“I walked up to the vehicle and I asked him what happened. He said he can’t breathe. From there, I observed smoke coming in from the dashboard,” he said.

That’s when Tahir grabbed a wrench to bust open the windshield. He even used his hands at one point to rip the windshield out of the car.

“I attempted to pull on the windshield with my gloves, at which point the glass penetrated through my gloves,” said Tahir.

The teen was eventually able to pull both the driver and the passenger out of the vehicle. They both only suffered minor injuries.

Tahir said he was able to help because of his training as a North Miami Beach Police Explorer. The teen hopes to one day become a police officer.

“The training that I got from my officer, Officer John Philome — I just want to thank him because of the experience and training that he gave me,” said Tahir. “I just ran the steps through my mind just to make sure I could provide him first aid.”

And while his efforts could be hailed as heroic, Tahir said he was just doing what he believed to be the right thing.

“I’m just thankful that they were out of the vehicle and they were safe,” he said.

Tahir said he wouldn’t think twice and would do it all over again if he had to.

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