New parents share story after getting married at South Florida hospital

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - A newlywed husband and wife are sharing their story after the early arrival of their newest family member nearly derailed their plans. They had a plan to get married on a special day but could not leave the hospital, so the staff decided they should get hitched right there. 7’s Robbin Simmons has the story.

Jackie Fernandez, married at hospital: “She sleeps most of the night.”

Michael Fernandez, married at hospital: “Peaceful baby.”

Peaceful now, but thanks to some unexpected lab results, Skyler Fernandez came about a month earlier than anticipated.

Geovanny and Isaiah Fernandez are now ready for big brother duty.

Isaiah Fernandez, big brother: “If anybody bullies her, they better sleep with one eye open.”

Parents Michael and Jackie Fernandez were hoping to get a lot of things done.

Jackie Fernandez: “We had so many plans this week. We had a baby shower, we had a birthday, we had a wedding…”

A courthouse wedding was set for July 26, but when the couple ended up at Memorial Hospital Miramar two days earlier to deliver Skyler, they thought their special day would be out of reach.

Michael Fernandez: “We wanted to get married on the 26th, which is a special day for me. It’s my favorite number.”

Nurse Manager Sophia Brady learned she and Michael have the same birthday, and one of Skyler’s big brothers shares a birthday with Brady’s mother — all of them on the 26th.

Sophia Brady, nurse manager at Memorial Hospital in Miramar: “So I said, ‘You know what, dad? It’s gonna happen today. We are going to make you get married today because there’s no way that this is happening. It’s meant for me to come into this room and help you with that,’ so I said, ‘Just give me five minutes. Let me figure it out.'”

Sophia Brady: “Once I made the promise, it was no option, and I promised it would get done before 5 p.m. because he had to go to work that day.”

Jackie Fernandez: “‘Hey, what flavor cake do you want? Do you have flowers? Do you have a dress? Do you have makeup?’ And I’m like, ‘OK, I guess this is happening.'”

Thanks to hospital staff and volunteers, a wedding was ready to go on the 26th in about three and a half hours.

After four years together and a baby shower proposal, it was more than the couple could have imagined.

Michael Fernandez: “We were able to have a little ceremony that turned out a lot better than what it was going to be. We were going to do something really simple and small. We ended up having a great memory for the rest of our lives.”

Jackie Fernandez: “I think it was perfect.”

The couple is planning a beach wedding for their first anniversary, and they’re hoping Skyler can be their flower girl.

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