Murder suspect who escaped Broward County Courthouse arrested at West Palm Beach hotel

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Dayont’e Resiles, the murder suspect who escaped the Broward County Courthouse last week, was arrested at a hotel in West Palm Beach, late Wednesday night, the U.S. Marshals confirmed to 7News.

Resiles was booked into the Broward County Jail at around 5 a.m. Thursday, putting an end to the six-day manhunt. That afternoon, he made his first court appearance since his recapture and a judge denied him bond.

Resiles appeared before a judge for the first time since his arrest, and in a highly secured room, at around 3 p.m., Thursday.

Resiles was already being held without bond when he escaped, last Friday, so there was no question that he would be held, once again, on no bond.

However, Resiles did have one request to ask the judge.

“It’s not about the case, but your honor, I believe it would be unconstitutional, as well as unfair, to restrain and restrict me from being able to converse, talk and meet with my immediate family,” said Resiles to the judge.

“I mean, how would they know about my well being, or if something is wrong with me? Like, if I’m mentally disturbed or going through anything, how would I be able to converse and talk with them?” he asked.

The judge denied his request and reinforced that he only be allowed contact with his attorney.

Resiles will be isolated from other prisoners from now until further notice.

Around 11 p.m., Wednesday, multiple law enforcement agencies tracked Resiles down, about 50 miles north of Fort Lauderdale, in a room on the first floor of the Days Inn hotel, located at 2300 45th St., in West Palm Beach.

According to detectives, a tip submitted to Crime Stoppers is what led several law enforcement agencies directly to Resiles.

“Working with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and the West Palm Task Force, an outer perimeter was manned and an inner perimeter was manned, and our SWAT team ordered him out of the room,” said Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. “He came out of the room, he surrendered without incident, he laid on the ground, he allowed us to handcuff him. No force was necessary.”

Resiles was in a room of the Days Inn in the area of I-95 and Northeast 45th Street.

Juda Maureno was in his room at the Days Inn when he heard police arrive. “I was in my room, and I hear the noise and like see something was happening,” Maureno said.

A few doors down from Resiles’ room, Yuri, who’s from the Ukraine, said it seemed like something out of a movie. “They shouting, ‘Open the door, it’s police.’ And they break in the door, so I didn’t go out,” Yuri said.

Crime scene investigators bagged evidence, including a wig and contacts Resiles used as a disguise, according to police. It’s still unclear how long Resiles was at the hotel, or how he got there.

“It was quite scary, but the guy, what he did, actually he deserve to have this kind of situation,” Yuri said. “I thought Florida is quiet, calm state, you know.”

At least 10 deputies escorted Resiles back to jail after the five-day manhunt. “Our members of the Broward Sheriff’s Office were relentless, they were nonstop,” said Israel. “They’re the most incredible public safety professionals I’ve ever been around and because of them and their hard work and the leadership exhibited, Dayonte Resiles is in custody.”

Israel spoke overnight, calling the recapture a huge break. “Of course there’s a great sense of relief. You know, we had a man who’s on trial for murder, the state attorney is seeking the death penalty. It doesn’t get more serious than that.”

Investigators believe Resiles had plenty of help in his escape. They said the 21-year-old murder suspect made multiple jailhouse calls to several accomplices before the escape.

The number of accomplices in custody has gone up to seven, according to police. Resiles’ friend, Winston Russell Jr., his girlfriend Laquoi Stern, and 17-year old twins Kraytron and Treyvon Barnes, were the first people charged.

The fifth suspect was identified Wednesday. Investigators said 22-year old Walter Hart, who was already in custody for second degree murder, helped Resiles wiggle free of his handcuffs moments before entering the courtroom. Shortly after, he was free of his clothes and shackles and made a break for it into broad daylight.

Wednesday, police also arrested Resiles’ cousin, 31-year-old Francine Mesadieu, and 18-year-old Paige Jackson. Police said, Mesadieu provided Resiles with a wig and colored contacts to help disguise him. Jackson allegedly called the jailhouse various times to talk about the escape.

Resiles escaped from the fourth floor of the Broward County Courthouse during a hearing last Friday. He was awaiting trial for the stabbing death of 59-year-old Jill Halliburton Su in her home in Davie, back in 2014.

Israel said with Resiles back in jail, the South Florida community is much safer. “There’s a sense of relief, you know, not only to have him in custody but to know that Broward County and anybody who would have come into contact with him, would have been in somewhat of a dangerous situation.”

According to Israel, Resiles’ friends tried very hard to obstruct the investigation by calling in bogus tips. However, the person who called in the tip that led to Resiles’ capture will be eligible for the $50,000 reward.

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