PARKLAND, FLA. (WSVN) - The mother of a student at Stoneman Douglas High School reported missing after Wednesday’s mass shooting has learned, the next day, that her daughter has died.

The family of 15-year-old Alyssa Al Hadeff frantically searched for her, Wednesday night.

Alyssa’s grandmother Vicki Al Hadeff hoped for good news, describing her granddaughter as a sweet-natured girl who enjoyed sports. “She’s the sweetest. She’s a big soccer player, very smart,” she said.

Rabbi Shuey Biston, a chaplain at the synagogue where Alyssa was bat mitzvahed, was in the room when they got the heartbreaking news.

“It was just a moment of shock and grief, and everyone just let out a scream and just couldn’t believe the harshness of the truth,” he said.

Alyssa Al Hadeff, a freshman at Stoneman Douglas High, was described as an over-achiever.

“Alyssa was so smart and beautiful, helpful, creative, outgoing,” said Alyssa’s mother Lori Al Hadeff. “She always wants to go to the next event, the next activity. She loved everybody, trusted everybody. She was an amazing soccer player.”

Alyssa’s mother said her daughter had a promising future ahead of her. “She had such a bright future. She was in all high honors classes — Spanish 3, Algebra 2 — and she’s only a freshman.”

“Terrible, terrible,” said Biston. “I mean, to go home and know that your daughter will never be in her bed again. They didn’t go to sleep last night. They were up the whole night and just grieving.”

Lori Al Hadeff said she wants something done with guns in America.

“They shouldn’t be able to walk into a school without any metal detectors stopping these kids.”

Lori had a strong message for her daughter’s killer. “This kid deserves the death penalty,” she said. “He deserves to die.”

Alyssa’s funeral will be held on Friday.

“I know Alyssa is in Heaven with God, and she’s safe there,” said Lori.

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