Miramar Police bond with local kids with fishing lessons

It’s not every day you see children getting fishing lessons from police officers, but in Miramar, officers are doing just that.

The Miramar Police Department has created a new program called Fishing for Futures, a program that teaches kids how to fish while providing them with positive role models.

“Spending time with the kids is the most important because that’s a time for them to have great experiences, to have discussions, at times, and it’s the best opportunity because it’s quiet, and it’s just you, the rod, and the lake,” said a participating police officer.

And one of the kids actually caught a fish. “He taught us how to put the bait on, how to put the hook on, and how to, like, if you get tangled, how to take it off without popping it on.”

The program aims to improve relations between police officers and the young community members they serve.

The children are chosen through officer recommendations.

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