‘Miracle’ dog finds forever home after recovery at local animal clinic

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A “ruff” ordeal came to a happy ending for a dog who was brought into a Miami Beach animal clinic after he was left for dead.

Caretakers at The Pet Clinic called 2-year-old Baxter “the miracle dog,” because when members of Their Lives Matter animal rescue group took him to the clinic, back in September, he was badly malnourished and had open wounds, as well as ticks and fleas.

In addition, the American bulldog mix’s flesh was peeling away because of an auto-immune disorder.

“There was a time when we didn’t think he was going to make it,” said Grace Kaye with Their Lives Matter.

Baxter had been left in an apartment in Miami. A good Samaritan found the ailing canine and turned him over to the rescue group.

7News first aired Baxter’s story last Friday. Watching at home was Odalys Rodman, who had lost an American bulldog to cancer last year.

As soon as she saw Baxter, the viewer knew they were meant to be together. “When I saw him, and the doctor talking about him, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, this is ours,'” said Odalys.

7News cameras captured Odalys and Rick Rodman greeting Baxter at the animal clinic on Friday.

The dog wagged his tail and licked Odalys’ face. “This is fate,” she said.

The Rodmans were among more than 150 people who asked about Baxter after the story aired. “When we saw him and picked him, I knew that was the dog that I always wanted,” said Rick.

For months, Baxter struggled to recover, and his caretakers were not sure he would survive. “When I looked into his eyes, and he was getting the blood transfusion, I didn’t think he was gonna make it,” Pelaez told 7News last Friday.

One week later, she has to say goodbye to the dog she nursed back to health. “You’re going to be a good boy, right?” Pelaez said to Baxter.

“You’re going to your new home, and then I’m going to get to see you ’cause you’re gonna be here, and I’m gonna come visit because I love you so much,” Pelaez added as she held back tears. “I really love him.”

Baxter left The Pet Clinic shortly after, off to find a new adventure at his new home.

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