Broward middle schooler arrested for allegedly bringing marijuana-laced chips to school

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - Middle school students at a South Florida school got sick, police said, they ate a pot-laced snack on campus.

Three students ate the THC-laced chips called “Weetos Flamin’ Hot.” The chips resemble Cheetos and are in a red bag.

A 15-year-old girl who is accused of bringing the Weetos to Driftwood Middle School has been arrested by Hollywood Police.

Two of the students said they knew what they were eating, but one of them was not aware the chips were laced with THC. She was transported to a nearby hospital.

Her family said she was poisoned and is happy an arrest was made.

The student who was hospitalized said she felt sick Monday after she said she ate what she believed to be Cheetos.

“Her friend just gave her a Cheeto, and what she thought was a Cheeto was actually something called Weetos,” said Kevin Klein whose sister was hospitalized. “It’s basically marijuana or THC infused Cheetos.”

To Klein’s 14-year-old sister, it was the famous cheesy snack. “She said it tasted just like it, texture, everything,” Klein said. “Orange, crunchy, no difference. While later, she started feeling the effects as she was transferring to her next class where she started just feeling super ill, dizzy, in and out of it basically.”

According to the police report, one of the other two students began to panic and started hallucinating. She had to be carried out of the school by her father.

“They determined it was THC, so from there, they just told her it was a matter of time it’ll wear off,” Klein said. They flushed her with IVs, kept an eye on her. At the moment, her heart rate was a little too accelerated.”

Eventually the effects wore off, but her family said they are angry about the situation. “Definitely upset. It could have been prevented,” Klein said. “It shouldn’t be something that 14-year-olds have access to.”

“The drugs and the kids, it’s terrible nowadays,” said concerned parent Jeff Culling.

Parent Ana Cotes said children in this age are fearless, and it’s not always a good thing. “There’s so many things now. Back then when we were kids, we were scared to do things,” she said. “Now kids are not scared of doing anything.”

Parents at the school said they were not told about this incident.

“The school didn’t call me,” said a parent. “No emails, no nothing. They didn’t notify us. That’s not cool.”

The girl accused of bringing the chips has been charged with possession of THC and has been suspended for 10 days. She will also be recommended for expulsion.

The teen has since been released to her parents. It is unclear where the student got the Weetos.

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