Miami Worldcenter brings luxury real estate, new jobs

MIAMI (WSVN) - Hundreds celebrated phase one of a groundbreaking change, Sunday night, in South Florida.

The Miami Worldcenter was premiered, which is America’s second-largest luxury urban real estate development.

According to Paramount Miami Worldcenter, phase one is a 60-story, $500 million skyscraper, which includes resort-style pools, a fitness center and spa, astronomy observatory, tennis courts, soccer field and a bar.

Paramount CEO Daniel Kodsi said the whole project will be a “city within America’s city of the future.”

“Paramount Miami Worldcenter is gonna change the skyline, but Miami Worldcenter is gonna change the city landscape,” Kodsi added. “Now, we’re also modernizing the infrastructure, adding new sidewalks, new streets. This is gonna create billions of dollars in revenue and create American jobs in the surrounding areas that desperately need the work.”

The project is expected to bring 15,000 new jobs. Phase one is also expected to be completed next year.

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