MIAMI (WSVN) - A residential building under construction in Miami will be topped with a sky port for people to land their flying cars in the future.

Daniel Kodsi, the CEO and Developer of Paramount Miami World Center, said the inspiration for the feature came from “The Jetsons.”

“Ever since ‘The Jetsons’ came out, America’s been talking about flying cars,” he said. “It’s something that inspires you, something that you think about when you’re building a project. You’re saying, ‘Well, what is the future? What’s going to happen in the future?'”

The Paramount Miami World Center is a 60-story residential apartment building that will be topped with the unusual feature.

“We said, ‘What an opportunity to convert our sky deck into some type of ‘Jetsons,’ sky port where you can actually land passenger drones?’ And this technology exists today,” Kodsi said.

While flying cars are not a reality of everyday life yet, because of the crowded roadways down below, some developers said, they see flying cars in the near future.

“You can actually come to your home, land on your roof, and instead of coming in through the lobby on the ground floor, you can access your home from the roof,” Kodsi said.

The Paramount Miami tower has over 500 units, and more than two dozen of those are penthouses.

A representative for the Paramount Miami World Center told 7News they expect the building to be completed by the end of the year.

It’s good news for those looking for a comfortable home and a spot to park their flying car.

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