Miami ranks as one of the most traffic-congested cities on Earth, new study finds

MIAMI (WSVN) - It’s the price we pay to live in paradise. Most South Floridians know traffic is no picnic, but it may very well be worse than you imagined.

A new study shows that Miami is the fourteenth most-congested major city… on Earth. Take out cities located in other countries, and that makes us the fifth most-congested city in the United States.

Global analysis firm INRIX released its annual “Global Traffic Scorecard,” which ranks cities from all over the word based on how congested their commutes are. Researchers analyzed the impact of traffic congestion by using data from 300 million “connected cars and devices” used on commutes.

The study says drivers in the Magic City on average spend approximately 64 hours each year stuck in traffic. Yes, it sounds bad… until you see that L.A. drivers are stuck in traffic jams for a whopping 102 hours per year.

But there is a bit of good news for Miamians. Our #14 ranking means we’ve actually dropped in INRIX’s standings since last year, when we were ranked 11th.

Check out the top 15 most-congested major cities in the world below:

1. Los Angeles, CA
2. Moscow, Russia
3. New York City, NY
4. Sao Paulo, Brazil
5. San Francisco, CA
6. Bogota, Colombia
7. London, England
8. Magnitogorsk, Russia
9. Yurga, Russia
10. Atlanta, GA
11. Aerodromnyy, Russia
12. Paris, France
13. Caracas, Venezuela
14. Miami, FL
15. Kansk, Russia

To read the full rankings, click here.

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