Miami ranked least romantic city in the US

MIAMI (WSVN) - Miamians, you better step it up this upcoming Valentine’s Day, because Miami just got ranked as the least romantic city in the United States.

The harsh ranking comes from a study conducted by Instacart, which ranked major U.S. cities based on who is most likely to search for romantic treats on their website,

The company picked five universally romantic terms to look at in each city: chocolate, strawberries, champagne, flowers, and candy.

Turns out folks in Miami would rather pick up last minute flowers from Publix than order a gift online days in advance.

“Miami may be known as the Magic City, but is it possible the magic is gone?  They top our list as the #1 Most Unromantic City,” Instacart’s blog noted.

Below are the most (and least) romantic cities based on those search terms.

The Most Romantic Cities:

1. Boston
2. Seattle
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Philadelphia
5. Minneapolis
6. Chicago
7. New York
8. Houston

The Least Romantic Cities:

1. Miami
2. Indianapolis
3. San Francisco
4. Atlanta
5. Denver
6. Austin
7. Los Angeles

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