Miami partners with FPL to deliver ‘solar trees’ at parks

MIAMI (WSVN) - Three parks across Miami will soon be outfitted with solar arrays in an effort to become more environmental-friendly.

Solar trees will be installed at West End Park, Coral Gate Park and Bay of Pigs Park as part of a new renewable energy program.

Florida Power and Light partnered with the City of Miami to construct, install and maintain the solar trees.

Along with being good for the environment, the trees have some cool perks like shaded seating areas and charging stations for electronic devices.

“Kids and adults alike will see these solar trees and will become curious about solar energy,” said Miami Commissioner Manolo Reyes. “Solar technology is proven reliable, and it is imperative that, as a city, we make the transition to clean, renewable energy needed for the future of our planet.”

According to a press release, the solar trees will generate between one to three kilowatts, and FPL will cover the license fee of $50 per kilowatt.

“The solar canopies at West End Park will be capable of generating a minimum of 10 kilowatts of energy, enough to power 10 classrooms for a year,” read the release.

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