MIAMI (WSVN) - A South Florida mother is looking back on the night she and her unborn child were shot in a Miami street while she was eight months pregnant.

Amid the tragic events of Dec. 9, 2012, however, lies a survival story with a happy ending.

When Tiffany Davis looks at her daughter, Skyla Milton, the toddler looks like any other 3-year-old playing in the park with her sisters. You’d never know by looking at her just how traumatic her entrance into the world was.

And, as Davis looks back on the night she walked out of a convenience store in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood and into gunfire, her daughter is beginning to ask questions. “Anton, who works at the store, said I was the first one [who] came out the store, and I got hit in the head and the stomach,” said Davis, “and then Rodney had got shot, too, and he died.”

“He died, Mommy?” asked Skyla.

“Yeah,” Davis replied.

“Who?” asked Skyla.

“Rodney,” said her mother.

Davis woke up at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center. “When I realized I was the hospital, I thought — ’cause I had her, ’cause I don’t remember what happened,” she said.

The concerned mother had no idea her baby had been shot as well. “They said they had to take Skyla out first before they could work on me,” she said. “After they took her out, they put a cast on her ’cause she got shot in the arm.”

Doctors determined removing the bullet from Davis’ head would do more harm than good, so they left it.

Davis, a busy mother of three, still lives with the effects of the shooting, three years later, but she’s grateful for the skilled hands who saved her and her baby. “They made sure I was all right before I got out of the hospital,” she said, “and I hope they just keep it up and work on other people, like how they worked on me.”

Above all, Davis said, she feels gratitude to be able to be there for her loved ones. For Skyla and her family, it appears the sky’s the limit. “I’m just lucky to be here, but sometimes I forget stuff, and I just take it slow every day,” said Davis.

Davis is on anti-seizure and antidepressant medications. She said she doesn’t know who shot her and would like to someday know who that person is.

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