Miami is the fifth most stressed city in America, study finds

If you find yourself feeling stressed in Miami, rest assured: you’re not alone.

Personal finance website WalletHub says Miami is the fifth most stressed-out city in the country, according to their latest study.

The not-so-magical Magic City followed Jackson, Mississippi (#4), Cleveland, Ohio (#3), Detroit, Michigan (#2), and Newark, New Jersey (#1) in the study’s rankings.

Researchers took into account such factors as work stress, financial stress, family stress, and health and safety stress. The map below shows the 150 cities in the study, from most stressed (dark purple) to least stressed (light blue).

Work stress factors included job security, unemployment rates, and commuter stress, while financial stress was determined by looking at housing affordability, poverty rates, and median household income.

Family stress included divorce rates and amount of single parents, while health and safety stress looked at depression diagnoses, suicide rates, amount of people insured, and amount of smokers, among other factors.

Of the 150 cities considered in the study, Miami fared poorly in both the “financial stress” rank, coming in at #3, as well as “family stress” rank, taking the #4 spot there.

Other local cities on the list include Hialeah at #18, Fort Lauderdale at #108, and Pembroke Pines at #139.

Orlando ranked at #39, Tampa at #43, and Tallahassee at #95.

To see the full list of cities in the study, visit WalletHub’s website.