Street art isn’t just graffiti anymore, it’s now for your masks.

At the Museum of Graffiti in Wynwood, you can be hooked up with your very own mask.

Allison Freidin, Museum of Graffiti: “The Museum of Graffiti is the very first museum dedicated to the graffiti art form. We’re located right here in the heart of Wynwood.”

The museum is giving guests a chance to check out some art while still adhering to social distancing.

Allison Freidin: “There’s nothing in here for you to touch. We are doing timed ticketing, so there is only six people allowed in the museum every 15 minutes.”

There are two new exhibitions at the museum, the first of which is called Ces: Process.

Allison Freidin: “What Ces has done in this show, is he has taken household objects, and he hides his name somewhere in the drawings.”

Masks are required inside the museum, but they decided to allow people to have some fun they can’t live without.

Allison Freidin: “Different artists from the neighborhood, all local artists, are coming in and doing air brushing, doing graffiti on these masks, and they’re available for sale.”

All you have to do is tell the artist on hand what you want on the mask.

Once it’s done, you can wear the mask home.

Estrellita Sibila, customer: “I picked the blue and the black for him because he’s normally dressed in that color scheme. I went with something a little more fun, a star, which represents my name.”

And Deco got their very own Deco Drive mask.

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