Miami Gardens family woken up when police serve warrant at their home

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - A Miami Gardens family said they were frightened and spooked out of their sleep when police served a warrant at their home.

Miami-Dade Police’s Special Response Team arrived outside of the Allen family’s apartment, off Northwest Fifth Avenue, Wednesday morning.

“All of the sudden, I hear the people hitting at the door and knock the door down,” Nyree Allen said. “I’m terrified because I don’t know what’s going on. You got guns pointed at me and my kids. You got tank trucks out here.”

Allen said her front door was bashed, and the heavily-armed, tactically-clad officers busted into the apartment where she and her children were sleeping.

“Got guns pointed at my babies, my kids and everything,” Allen said. “My baby was screaming and hollering. Like, my baby was terrified. All he could do was just keep hollering. They didn’t even show me a search warrant.”

“I just see beams at my face and stuff,” Allen’s son said. “I was scared. I thought I was going to lose my life last night.”

In response to a 7News inquiry, police said they were at the apartment to serve a warrant involving an ongoing investigation.

“They didn’t even tell me who they was looking for,” Allen said.

The family believes the warrant is possibly tied to a homicide from several years ago involving a family member, but it happened at a different location. They added the police may have been looking for someone who does not live at the apartment.

Allen said once officers were inside of the unit, they broke her bedroom set and closet, and the family’s clothes were thrown onto the floor. She and her young son and daughter, meanwhile, were forced outside in their underwear, along with other family members.

“I asked them, ‘What’s going on?’ ‘We can’t tell you. You got to wait until we’re finished,'” Allen said. “That’s not a way to come into somebody’s house.”

The family said no arrests were made, and no items were taken from the apartment once the search concluded.

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