Miami FOP president relieved of duty, accused of harassing woman

MIAMI (WSVN) - Miami Fraternal Order of Police president Javier Ortiz has been relieved of duty and reassigned after he was accused of harassing a woman.

You may remember Claudia Castillo. Last year, she captured cellphone video of a Miami-Dade officer speeding, and recorded her confronting him.

However, that recording sparked big problems for Castillo. She was worried for her safety after she caught the eye of Lt. Javier Ortiz, setting in motion events that would have him turn in his gun and pulled off the streets.

Miami FOP attorney Robert Buschel said the accusations are baseless. “Javier Ortiz has no reason to threaten this woman and make her feel afraid,” he said.

It started with a series of tweets, when Ortiz tweeted out photos of who he says is Castillo, writing, “Wannabe cop Claudia Castillo likes to drink and drive recreational vehicles.”

The photos depicted a woman drinking while sailing a boat.

Ortiz also posted Castillo’s contact information with the caption “Feel free to call Claudia Castillo at her cell (number withheld), and let her know drinking and driving on a boat isn’t safe.”

Castillo complained, sparking internal investigations that landed her in front of an investigative panel.

“She is within her rights to be upset and she has good reasoning,” said City Commission candidate Danny Suarez.

Suarez attended the meeting, along with Ortiz. Suarez said, as he escorted Castillo out to her car, Ortiz followed closely behind.

“She did not want him to see what car she was in. He makes his way out, he stops, looks at us, does a 180,” Suarez said. “I’d be terrified. He has a lot of power, and many people don’t understand that. Javier Ortiz can make things happen.”

Castillo complained to the courts, and a judge granted her an emergency restraining order against Ortiz.

Police relieved him of duty and reassigned him.

Buschel says Ortiz will fight the allegations. “We’ll present high-ranking officers not part of the union or beholden to Javier Ortiz, and everyone will see that his conduct that day was gentlemanly,” Buschel said.

Castillo has not returned calls asking for a comment.

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