MIAMI (WSVN) - Miami Fire Rescue had to use a ladder truck to get to the top of a 65-foot-tall pine tree Wednesday to save a cat that had been stuck for five days.

“We care about everything. Not just people but their pets, their homes and everything else. Every life matters, no matter how small it is,” Miami Fire Rescue Firefighter Kim Miller said.

The feline climbed the tree near the 3400 block of Southwest 27th Street in Miami.

“You stick a ladder 65 feet up in the air, and you climb to the tip of it, and you coax him down nice and easy,” one firefighter said.

Bryan Granados said his small French bulldog scared the cat up the tree while protecting their front yard.

“You see right here my famous Gossip Girl, Gigi, scared her up my pine tree,” Granados said.

Granados thought the cat would eventually come down but never did.

“I love animals, and five days without eating and drinking water, it was breaking my heart,” Granados said.

Neighbors gave the cat food and water once firefighters got the feline out of the tree.

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