SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Zoo Miami announced the newest addition to its family, a cheetah cub named Winston Eugene Portland III, known as Winston, as he prepares to take on the role of ambassador for his species.

Born on May 9th at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon, Winston’s journey has now brought him to the heart of Miami.

His full name pays tribute to the cities that played a pivotal role in his journey from Oregon to Miami.

As per the recommendation of the Cheetah Species Survival Plan (SSP), Winston and his littermates have been chosen to become ambassadors at various zoos across the nation.

Upon his arrival at Zoo Miami, Winston underwent a meticulous series of tests and examinations while in a quarantine area.

This comprehensive health assessment, overseen by a team of Animal Science and Animal Health specialists, ensured Winston’s well-being and normal development. During this period, Winston was introduced to his new surroundings at a gradual pace, preparing him for his forthcoming role as an ambassador animal.

Winston has now completed his quarantine phase and is poised to make periodic public appearances.

Zoo Miami staff is preparing him to join the esteemed ranks of the Zoo Miami Ambassador Team, where he will follow in the footsteps of the current cheetah ambassadors, Koda and Diesel.

The Zoo Miami Cheetah Ambassador Program, which has been active for over two decades, has raised substantial funds to directly support cheetah conservation initiatives in the wild.

Cheetahs, Africa’s most endangered big cats, face dire challenges with only approximately 7,000 remaining in their natural habitats. The primary threat to their survival is human conflict, often resulting from clashes with farmers who perceive them as a danger to livestock.

Notably distinct from other big cats, cheetahs do not roar but are known for their purring. Their remarkable speed also sets them apart as the world’s fastest land animals, capable of reaching speeds of nearly 70 mph in mere seconds.

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