MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A woman driving a slingshot goes on a collision course in Miami Beach hitting anything in her path.

“I heard a crash,” said a man.

Another video showed a banged-up slingshot and the person believed to have been behind the wheel bolting from the car.

Mitch Novick owner of Sherbrooke Hotel described what happened just before that.

“I went out on the terrace and I heard commotion on Collins, so I walked over put the camera on video and there she was crashing her slingshot repeatedly into whatever it was,” said Novick

It was a wild Sunday morning in Miami Beach.

Detectives accused Adriana Sofia Alcover-Nazario of driving erratically and hitting other cars along the way at different locations in Miami Beach earlier in the day.

She ended up in front of a coffee shop where detectives said her driving didn’t get any better.

“In watching this I thought oh no I hope she doesn’t make her way and destroy my pillars, my historic railing and damage the building. I actually was concerned,” said Novick.

The video then showed the woman running after the last crash but she was eventually arrested.

Alcover-Nazario is now being charged with leaving the scene of an accident with property damage.

Authorities said Alcover-Nazario has a separate trial pending out of northern Florida where she is accused of trafficking drugs and carrying a concealed weapon.

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