Video shows woman hitting car with shoe heel in rush hour traffic in SW Miami-Dade

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A woman expressed her frustration with a driver during her morning commute in Southwest Miami-Dade by whacking the motorist’s car with the heel of her shoe.

Cellphone video shows the irate driver as she repeatedly pounded her pump on the vehicle along Southwest 72nd Street, Friday.

The footage captured pleas from the other driver to “stop it,” to no avail, as motorists sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic and witnessed the woman using her shoe as a hammer.

The videographer who shared the footage of the footwear-driven case of road rage with Only in Dade noted the heel whacks moved in near perfect synchrony with the song that was playing on his radio.

The driver of the car being briefly targeted attempted to open her window and door but thought better of it.

The motorist told 7News the incident started after she pulled in front of the woman.

We spoke the the person whose car took a beating over the phone. She said the rage came after she cut in front of the woman, and that was when she became the angry shoe lady.

The aggressor appeared to take to social media to explain her actions.

In a video posted to the Instagram account with the handle @divinejoo, a woman recorded the now damaged pump.

“I haven’t even gotten to wear these shoes, and I’ve already [expletive] them up,” she said in the video.

As for the morning outburst, the woman said, “Please take note of what I have on. It was worth it.”

The other shoe did not drop for her. No police officers showed up, and no citations were issued.

7News reached out to the woman on social media, but as of late Friday night, she has not responded.

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