MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Miami Beach tow truck driver is facing serious charges after he was caught on video rummaging through the contents of an SUV that was illegally parked in a South of Fifth municipal lot, and police said he stole cash and valuables from the vehicle.

Cellphone video obtained exclusively by 7News shows the two truck driver moments after he drove away from the lot with a woman’s Mazda SUV back in January.

The footage shows the tow truck driver parking along a bike path next to the lot, then getting out of the truck, walking toward the SUV and opening the front passenger door.

While the owner of the SUV, who was working across the street at the time, was expecting her vehicle to be towed, what the driver was seen doing after he removed the Mazda from the lot made her furious.

“Oh, my God, he’s going into my car,” she is heard saying in the video. “He’s going in my car to see what the [expletive] is in my car.”

The police report states in part, “At her place of employment, [she] saw her vehicle being towed and began to record the event on her cellphone.”

The report also states, “The defendant began to rummage through the center console, glove compartment, underneath both front seats and rear area.”

The owner of the SUV later called police and told them there were items missing from her vehicle.

The police report states, “The victim reported that she was missing some petty cash [and] Apple cell phone-related charging items.”

“He has no reason to go in my car,” the owner of the SUV was heard saying in the cellphone video.

After they investigated, Miami Beach Police detectives on Feb. 28 took a trip to Beach Towing, where they took 56-year-old Amaury Diaz into custody.

“The police report states, “[The] defendant unlawfully entered and remained in the victim’s vehicle to deprive the victim of her property.”

“We were told that you were the driver and that there’s some property missing from the vehicle,” an officer is heard telling Diaz in the bodycam video.

Thursday night, a 7News crew went to Beach Towing and asked for Diaz.

“He’s not here right now,” said an employee who then confirmed Diaz still works there.

When asked whether there was someone with Beach Towing who would be willing to comment on the incident or Diaz’s arrest, the employee advised 7News to return during daytime hours.

Diaz faces charges of burglary and petty theft. He is scheduled to appear in court in May.

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