VIRGINIA KEY, FLA. (WSVN) - The Dolphin Company, a Latin American corporation that owns the Miami Seaquarium, has filed a federal lawsuit against Miami-Dade County, alleging unfair treatment and breaches of agreement that hinder its operations and conservation efforts.

Last month, the county served the Miami Seaquarium an eviction notice, giving the long-running attraction six weeks to vacate the premises because of alleged lease violations. Following the eviction, The Dolphin Company sent a letter to Miami-Dade Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Morales asserting their right to a 45 day correction period and outlining actions to comply with their lease.

Friday’s announcement of the federal lawsuit outlines several grievances including unfair regulatory practices, breach of agreement, restrictive zoning and land use policies, economic damages, and representational harm. These actions, according to the company, have significantly impacted its ability to operate effectively and pursue future development plans.

Eduardo Albor, CEO of The Dolphin Company, expressed the difficult nature of this legal step in a news release:

“As stewards of the Miami Seaquarium, part of The Dolphin Company’s global family of parks, we are deeply committed to the more than 2,500 staff members that are responsible for the welfare of our marine inhabitants and the educational mission we proudly deliver in the communities we serve. Filing this lawsuit against Miami-Dade County is a step we take with heavy hearts but clear minds, driven by our duty to protect our legacy and ensure our ability to continue making positive impacts on marine conservation. We stand firm in our belief that with fair treatment and support from Miami-Dade County, we can overcome the current challenges and emerge stronger, for the benefit of our community, our staff, and the animals we are dedicated to protecting, just like we do in all our parks.”

The lawsuit also states that the county failed to honor their agreement with the park. The Dolphin Company is seeking compensation for the economic losses and reputational damages due to the county’s actions.

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