Teen celebrates birthday after battling cancer by riding Lamborghini, charter boat

(WSVN) - A brave teen enjoyed an exciting excursion aboard a charter boat and other luxurious vehicles for his birthday.

The 14-year old reunited with his mother after battling cancer for months.

It was a wave of fun on the water for the teen, who marked a very special birthday, and he also got to roll in some really cool rides.

“Today is my birthday, and I am without cancer,” said Alex Matute.

As you just heard, Matute had a really great birthday this year.

The young man from Honduras has been away from his family for four months while battling leukemia.

Now, he has completed treatment and is ready to get back to living his best life.

“I was thinking I would pass my birthday in the hospital, but I’m here without cancer,” Matute said.

The festivities were all about riding in style, on land in a Lamborghini complete with an escort from a gold police cruiser, and on the water on a chartered boat ride compliments of Captain Alain Charters.

“We are going to pretty much take a tour around the whole Miami bay toward the downtown area, hopefully catch some dolphins swimming around and just enjoy the day,” said Alain.

Alex’s mother and his 6-year-old cancer-fighting buddy Kayson and his family went along for the ride.

“He’s going to have a good time, definitely enjoy his birthday today,” Alain said.

And enjoy the day they did.

“It was incredible,” Matute’s mom said, “and thank you to Sylvia for making this happen.”

Sylvia is Sylvia Vanni, the founder of the Mystic Force Foundation and the driving force behind these great days for kids with cancer. She lost her own son to cancer years ago.

“Since then, it has been my mission in life to do everything I can to find a cure for childhood cancer and to keep
these poor kids as happy as possible while they are going through these treatments,” Vanni said.

After all the riding in style was over, they had a party at the Heroes Hangout.

Alex says all the generosity shown to him during his stay kept him positive he could beat cancer.

“They have some light and they know that they are going to leave more time so that they can support it, and they can do it,” Matute said.

All of the experiences are made possible by donations from different corporate sponsors throughout the community.

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