NORTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) - A teacher took a hard fall after getting caught in the middle of some campus chaos. The incident happened when students began fighting in a classroom, and cellphone video showed a glimpse of it all.

The teacher was thrown to the ground, and school officials told 7News that this was all fueled by an unknown substance.

On Tuesday, video captured during a reading class at North Miami Senior High School, located 13110 NE 8th Ave., showed students fighting and the teacher being thrown to the ground.

Students said it all started in the middle of class when a fellow student began making strange sounds then making moves.

“He started grunting and stuff. That’s when he got up and flipped the desk and started hitting anyone who was in his area,” a student said.

“It look like [the teacher] wanted to help. He just pushed her. He was going crazy,” a student said.

School officials said the student was experiencing a medical emergency after taking an unknown substance.

“He just went crazy,” another student said. “I’m hearing screaming, they’re saying that this boy is swinging everywhere.”

According to the school system, the teacher was not hurt, but the student was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Students said whatever substance was ingested Tuesday needs to be kept far away from campus.

“We’re all here to learn. This is high school,” a third student said. “You all shouldn’t be doing drugs.”

“That shouldn’t be acceptable at the school,” said another student.

M-DCPS said no arrest was made and that the offending student has been disciplined according to the school’s code of conduct.

7News reached out to the teacher, but she hasn’t responded.

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