MIAMI (WSVN) - A suspect has been arrested in connection to a shooting and causing a fire at a downtown Miami four-story building that burned for several hours on Monday.

The suspect has been identified as 73-year-old Juan Francisco Figueroa.

Figueroa allegedly shot a man early Monday morning at the apartment complex at 431 NW 3rd Street.

“We have the suspect who fired the gun in custody and who we suspect intentionally started the fire,” said City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

Juan Figueroa

Figueroa was charged with four felonies, including attempted felony murder with a firearm and arson in the first-degree.

The victim was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition. The victim’s family identified him as 30-year-old Feder-One Biotte, a maintenance man at the apartment complex. His family said that Biotte underwent surgery and a bullet had been extracted from his stomach.

Family members were in shock when they heard the news.

“It shocked me. Because I never heard he had a problem with nobody. He’s a very nice man. He love his family. And this hurt me really bad,” said Raynold Romeous, the victim’s godfather. “I call him son by the way. He’s, you know, my God Son. They said ‘Your son got shot’… I said, ‘How did that happen??'”

Miami Fire Rescue also responded to the apartment complex due to a three-alarm fire that broke out. Upon arrival, they saw Biotte suffering from a gunshot wound on the roof of the burning building.

After eight hours of battling the flames and 70 responding firefighters, officials said they have the fire under control.

“Over 40 units at our department have been deployed. As you can see, multiple angles to attack the fire, but this is a three-alarm fire we haven’t had in 25 years,” Suarez said. “So this is something that is obviously a large event for us and they’re doing a heroic job in dealing with it, including rescuing residents throughout this incident.”

The historic building was constructed in the 1920s and is built with a wood frame.

“This fire spread quickly throughout the common attic area and as well as the homes,” City of Miami Fire Rescue Captain Ignatius Carroll. “And you have a fire on the third floor that’s fully occupied. Those are challenges that face with trying to get to the fire, trying to extinguish it, help elderly people evacuate.”

7Skyforce hovered over the apartment Monday afternoon, where the apartment’s roof was burned down. In some spots, the roof collapsed. Smoke was still seen billowing out of the building.

“We also had several people who were trapped inside of their homes. Some of them had to be removed through the windows using ladders. Some were even taken down smokey hallways so we could get them out. Some we had to shelter in place as a result of their disabilities,” said City of Miami Fire Lt. Pete Sanchez.

At one point, crews were pouring so much water on the apartment complex that the road near the Miami River was flooded.

Officials said 50 people were evacuated from the apartment complex.

Everyone has been accounted for and a reunification center was established at Jose Marti Park, located at 351 SW 4th Ave.

Three firefighters were released from the hospital after being admitted as a precaution for smoke inhalation. One resident was also treated for smoke inhalation as well.

Miami Police and Fire were seen helping residents get inside the reunification center.

At a 6 p.m. press conference, officials said those who need housing will get the help they need.

“We have 43 people here in Jose Martin and the property mgmt company is renting a hotel for all 43 of them after tonight to stay for the next two weeks,” said Suarez.

A displaced resident, speaking to 7News, said he is missing his cat along with most of his belongings.

“It really stinks ’cause that’s the only place I really have to stay. I lost everything, I lost my wallet and everything,” said the man. “All my citizen papers, my bank papers, my clothes.”

Another resident, a grandmother, said she was saved by firefighters via a ladder rescue. She said she called her granddaughter to tell her about the fire.

“By the time I got there, sure enough, they were bringing her down in a stretcher and everything from the balcony on the ladder,” said Ruth, the resident’s granddaughter.

The granddaughter said her grandmother will now be staying with family.

The American Red Cross arrived on Monday afternoon to the reunification center to assist those displaced residents.

Staffers from Miami-Dade County Commissioner Keon Hardemon’s office passed by the reunification center to drop off blankets and water to the residents.

“So in the bag, we have blankets, water, water bottles… We were told that after a long day, they didn’t have covering or something warm,” said Mandy Brown, chief of staff for Commissioner Hardemon.

The State Fire Marshal arrived on the scene and is investigating the cause of the fire.

On Tuesday, residents were not allowed to return to the building but the property management company will allow those residents the opportunity to have hotel stays over the next few weeks.

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