SURFSIDE, FLA. (WSVN) - Surfside commissioners are set to cast their votes on a crucial decision: whether to censure the town’s mayor, Shlomo Danzinger.

Tuesday night’s vote will determine whether Mayor Danzinger faces censure, a formal reprimand or condemnation, by his fellow commissioners. Censure represents a rare and serious measure reserved for cases of egregious misconduct by elected officials.

The controversy stems from allegations that Mayor Danzinger made a racially insensitive comment during a meeting last month, sparking heated debate within the community.

As the meeting took place Tuesday night, familiar bickering between Dazninger and Commissioner Nelly Velasquez was exchanged.

“Wait your turn and talk,” Danzinger said.

“Last month, I put in a censure of our mayor who insulted, not just myself, but all Hispanic people,” Velasquez said.

During last month’s meeting, a motion to censure the mayor was voted down by a 3-2 vote. Velasquez has once again called for that motion to be voted on by commissioners.

At the center of the controversy is a statement Mayor Danzinger made during the meeting as he expressed frustration about the challenges of running the town.

“What they’re looking for is, every two years, they get a new boss, new direction. It’s not easy to run a town like this. It’s not working,” he remarked.

Moments later, while Commissioner Velasquez had the floor and a discussion was ongoing, Mayor Danzinger requested her to refrain from interrupting.

“Commissioner, please stop interrupting,” he asserted. Following a brief pause, he added, “OK, does anybody know to speak Spanish to tell her this? Because I said it like four times.”

The comment was directed at Commissioner Velasquez, who sponsors the resolution seeking the mayor’s censure. Velasquez has vocally criticized Mayor Danzinger’s behavior, deeming it unacceptable.

Mayor Danzinger has since issued an apology for his comment, acknowledging the offense it may have caused. However, the incident has sparked a wider debate about the importance of respectful discourse in local government and the potential consequences for elected officials who fail to meet these standards.

It remains to be seen whether commissioners will have a chance to vote on Velasquez’s new censure motion during their meeting.

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