MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A group of friends were staying in a Collins Avenue hotel in Mid Beach when someone entered, grabbed their belongings and took off. Authorities eventually caught up with the crook and made a tough takedown.

A group of six wanted to enjoy a weekend on Miami Beach.

Last weekend, the group rented a villa at a hotel along Collins Avenue.

They said it was going well until Juan Cardona spotted a strange person inside their room.

“This is someone that is not from our group, and he was going through my stuff,” said Cardona.

They had become victims to an occupied burglary, which officers qualified as a home invasion.

“We’re getting robbed, getting robbed,” said a man in a hat.

The burglar was dressed in a black ski mask, wore latex gloves and had a flashlight, according to Miami Beach Police.

“He was watching us,” said Cardona.

Which is what the group said the burglar did before entering the villa and stealing their belongings.

“He’s like about to exit the balcony with one of the purses,” said Cardona.

They yelled for the person to stop before calling 911.

“And then he dropped the purse,” said Cardona.

The burglar then took off running from the property before being apprehended by police.

One officer even pulled out his gun and ordered the burglar to get on the ground.

“Hands on your head, hands on you head, get on the floor!” said Cardona.

Anthony Butler, 32, was arrested.

The incident report states, “… The defendant is out on inmate release status … armed robbery and attempted murder.”

Butler has now been issued a new set of charges connected to the crashing of a weekend party.

He remains in jail.

According to jail records and Miami Beach Police, Butler was out on a felony bond when the crime was committed.

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