MIAMI (WSVN) - Another day has brought another heat advisory in South Florida, prompting local first responders to issue words of warning.

Friday’s heat advisory remains in place in Miami-Dade and Broward counties until 7 p.m. An advisory for Monroe County that was in place until 6 p.m. was cancelled.

The National Weather Service confirmed Miami reached 97 degrees on Friday, shattering a 2020 record of 95 degrees.

The relentless heat was felt across South Florida, with the heat index, or “feels like” temperatures, reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas along the east coast.

Fire rescue units are standing by ready to help.

Earlier in the day, City of Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Damian Beitra met with the crew at Fire Station No. 7, as they prepared for another hot day on the job that could include heat related calls.

Beitra said it’s important to watch for signs of heat illness.

“The first early warning signs are going to be thirst — you’re going to feel hot, you’re going to feel thirsty. Later signs are going to be cramping,” he said.

Officials said that means it’s time to move to a cooler spot as soon as possible and drink some water.

If your body stops sweating, or you feel dizzy or confused, officials said, it’s time to call 911.

“Our first plan of attack is to remove some of the clothing that they may have and start getting them into a cool environment, so we put them into the back of our rescue truck,” said Beitra.

If needed, a heat related call may end up with a trip to the emergency room.

One of the most serious signs of heatstroke is confusion.

Broward Health North confirmed they treated a woman who had taken a stroll with her grandson and was found in the afternoon confused and walking in traffic. The 64-year-old patient has since been released.

Beitra listed some steps to avoid a hospital visit.

“Stay hydrated, loose-fitting clothing, [go] indoors and crank the [air conditioner] up,” he said. “For those that have to be outdoors — we have our construction workers, we have a lot of people who work outdoors, athletes — you’ve got to stay hydrated, keep the hydration with you and get ahead of it.”

Officials also warned that leaving people or pets inside a parked vehicle without the AC running is a no-no. Even with the windows cracked, it can get dangerously hot inside the vehicle.

Heavy rain has begun moving across parts of Miami-Dade and Broward late Friday afternoon and continues to affect the region.

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