MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Beach resident who was the target of a string of tire slashings believes the serial vandal who was arrested in connection to the acts of vandalism is at it again.

Speaking with 7News on Thursday, resident Claudio Chiorazzi said he walked out of his home near 15th Street and Ocean Drive on Sunday to find someone had once again tampered with one of his vehicle’s tires.

“We were trying to go to work, and of course, one of the tires were slashed. Same place, same tire,” he said.

Chiotazzi provided a picture of the deflated tire.

“Somebody’s putting a knife into the tires,” he said.

The costs, Chiorazzi said, are adding up.

“One tire cost me $354. Multiply this by four,” he said as he showed 7News his bill.

Chiorazzi said he is now a repeat victim of vandalism.

“I called the police, as I always do,” he said. “It’s exactly the same as all the other times. I am 100% sure that it’s always the same.”

According to Miami Beach Police, Chiorazzi and several of his neighbors had their tires slashed and car windows smashed by the same man.

“It’s a guy with a knife and a brick,” said a resident.

“I’m scared that my tires are gonna be slashed, or my windshield is gonna be shattered,” said another resident.

Police arrested a suspect, identified as Michael Uttard, on Aug. 25 after 7News aired a story on the crime spree.

More than a dozen cases of vandalism during August were cited, as well as other crimes Uttard was alleged to have been connected to, dating back to May.

Residents took Uttard’s picture in September after he was released from jail.

He has not been accused of knifing Chiorazzi’s tire, but police are investigating the crime.

Coincidentally, Uttard was arrested on Wednesday on an unrelated charge. He appeared in bond court Thursday morning.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Catherine M. Pooler attempted to determine where Uttard is currently living.

“Do you still live in Pennsylvania, sir?” she said.

“No, I live here in Florida,” he said.

Police said he was taken into custody after he showed his privates to an officer near the federally protected sea oats.

He was charged with indecent exposure and damaging the sea oats, but he has since been released.

“Your case is closed. Just don’t go back near the sea oats,” said Pooler.

It’s a turn of events that has left Chiorazzi feeling frustrated.

“I don’t understand the justice system,” he said. “I am sure he’s gonna be back around tonight again as he always does.”

Uttard took a plea deal for time previously served. All his cases are closed, and he is now free.

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