Tuesday night’s commission meeting had some questioning if North Miami Beach’s mayor Anthony DeFillipo is even their mayor at all, but he is calling this nothing more than a political witch hunt.

“Sir, you’re out of order. Mr. Attorney, you are out of order,” said DeFillipo.

It was a disorderly meeting and a storm-out session, Tuesday, as city attorney Hans Ottinot got up and out, refusing to recognize DeFillipo as the mayor.

“I have been and always will be a resident of North Miami Beach,” said DeFillipo.

A pair of city commissioners called for an investigation into whether DeFillipo actually lives in North Miami Beach, which is required for him to sit as mayor.

Those commissioners said the legal opinion of a law firm brought on to investigate believes DeFillipo does not.

The commissioners are alleging the mayor lives elsewhere.

“They’ve had plenty of opportunity to do what’s required under the law. Go to court and bring it in front of a judge, they know that and instead of doing that we’ve got this well orchestrated circus,” said Michael Pizzi, who is the mayor’s attorney.

With only three commissioners present Tuesday, it meant no city business could get done, and so the public opinion portion was mostly focused on the dysfunction of their city.

“I don’t think they should be able to keep their seat, and I want every resident and every person in this room to think about that,” said a resident.

“When you don’t have rule of law, that’s when a city and a municipality and a country goes down,” said a man.

When asked by 7News if he is living in the city of North Miami Beach, DeFillipo responded, “Yes, I am I am a bonafide resident of the city of North Miami Beach.”

7News asked where he believes they get this assertion. He responded with, “I’m an investor. I invest in properties. I buy and sell properties, and so they are assuming that I live in a property which I don’t. I live here in North Miami Beach. I always have.”

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