MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Beach security guard is opening up and sharing his story after he was injured in a scuffle with a man who was not allowed on the property.

Speaking with 7News on Wednesday, Jaido Cabrera described how a day on the job turned violent and bloody.

“I didn’t expect to, like, tussle and roll down to the ground with him,” he said.

When asked whether he opted to go to the hospital for treatment, Cabrera replied, “No.”

He said the fight took place in the South of Fifth section of Miami Beach, Tuesday afternoon.

Cabrera’s job is to patrol the area just outside a Miami-Dade Public Library branch and the surrounding area of the Courts at South Beach complex.

He said the man who confronted him is known to officials, and due to previous problems, he is not allowed on the property.

“[I told him], ‘Maybe it’s best to leave,'” said Cabrera.

The security guard said it’s what he told the man before things took an ugly turn.

“He shoved me out the way. I held the door, because I told him that he was on private property,” he said.

Then came the punches.

“He connected one time on my lip,” he said.

Good Samaritan Jevan Cook said he witnessed the skirmish.

“Hit them in his face and everything. They got to wrestling,” said Cook. “[The security guard] got scratches on his elbow from the concrete.”

But the most serious injury was the one Cabrera suffered in his eye.

“He was trying to gouge my eyes like that,” he said.

According to the arrest report, the trespasser, later identified as Arturo Munoz, fought dirty, using “both hands and began to drive both of his thumbs into his eyes.”

The well-trained Cabrera said he ended up getting the suspect under control until police officers took over.

“I really got into his face, and I took my licks,” he said.

Munoz was eventually placed under arrest. His arm in a sling, he later appeared in bond court.

His charges include aggravated battery, trespassing and disorderly conduct.

As for Cabrera, he said he won’t be surprised to see Munoz again.

“People like that never get the message. They don’t have no regard for people,” he said.

Munoz has been granted house arrest.

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