CUTLER BAY, FLA. (WSVN) - A neighborhood nuisance in Cutler Bay continues to cause a flood of frustration for residents but much-needed support is on the way to pump out a solution.

There has been 17,000 gallons of water per minute being pumped out Saga Bay Lake and into the mangroves, Wednesday. Cutler Bay officials said the lake had overflowed due to three days of rain. They are said to have experienced nearly 20 inches of rain, which led parts of the neighborhood and surrounding areas to be flooded.

“This flooding lasted for three or four days,” said resident Raymond Thomas.

“The water went all the way up to the door,” said a resident of Saga Bay.

The water overflowed into a resident’s garage and home.

“We have lived here for six years, and this has never happened,” said the resident.

7News drove around the neighborhood and most of the water had seemed to have receded by Wednesday morning. Although, some streets remained flooded.

“After Rita, Katrina and Wilma came through, the water was very high but not this high,” said Thomas. “This is the worst its been.”

Thomas said the water got so high, he had to rent a U-Haul truck so he could get in and out of his driveway and actually get to work without getting stuck.

“Just to get through the water,” said Thomas.

As Cutler Bay continues to recover from the flooding, officials said they will be offering free exceptions for any home owners that suffered from any damages.

“We’ll come out and do a courtesy inspection,” said Cutler Bay Mayor Tim Meerbott, “and that does two things for us. We’re able to see what type of damage they have endured, but it also helps us get some data on where our low lying, and where our areas of concern are, so we can be more proactive and take care of those people.”

The heavy rain also flooded streets with blue land crabs. A video sent to 7News shows the crabs swarming on to the road.

Many were glad to see the pumps running ahead of the next round of rain and are thankful things weren’t even worse.

“Glad to see that we’re finally making progress, no doubt,” said a woman who asked to not show her face, “but this is just the start of hurricane season, and I hope this is no indication of what will happen.”

“I want to thank God and our Lord Jesus for protecting us and keeping our home safe,” said Thomas. “I pray for all the folks who weren’t as lucky.”

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