MIAMI (WSVN) - A Miami-Dade Police officer has found himself on the wrong side of the law after, investigators said, he secretly stalked his ex-girlfriend for over a month.

Twenty-eight-year-old MDPD Officer Javier Magarin is currently under house arrest and has been slapped with a stay away order.

The suspect is accused of using high-tech technology to monitor his ex after their relationship went south.

Detectives said Magarin tracked her moves using AirTags, tiny Apple devices that people put on valuables like keys or wallets, beginning hours after the two broke up.

According to the arrest report, one was found in the trunk of the woman’s car, and another heavily taped AirTag was found hidden in her bumper.

Police said both devices were registered under Magarin’s email address.

Cases of criminal use of AirTags have popped up across the country.

Back in April, Jennifer Gaston said she and her family were being tracked during a day at Walt Disney World.

“We were terrified. We were scared, just hurt and confused,” she said.

Another woman said she realized she was AirTagged after a night out with friends.

“I didn’t really feel safe going anywhere,” she said.

Authorities said criminals have used AirTags to follow people home or keep up with a car they intend to steal.

In Magarin’s case, police said, the AirTag was a stalking device, and it was only part of the problem.

Investigators said, from March 20 until April 26, Magarin was relentless, not only tracking his ex-girlfriend’s moves but calling, texting and reaching out on social media.

When she threatened to seek a restraining order, police said, the suspect posted a picture on Instagram “depicting a hand holding a Glock handgun laying over the lower leg of a body and containing the comment/caption, ‘I’ll do it in style for you.'”

The police report states the victim confronted the officer and asked him if he used the AirTags to track her. The report states he initially denied the allegation but then admitted to it and later told her that he removed the devices.

That’s when the victim went to the police for help.

Magarin faces two counts of installing a tracking device and one count of stalking.

7News reached out to his ex-girlfriend, but she said she doesn’t want to speak with anyone about what happened.

MDPD officials said Magarin has been relieved of duty with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

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