MIAMI (WSVN) - Passengers are again being accused of causing trouble in the terminal, leading to a tough takedown.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened at Miami International Airport.

Jerry was catching a flight when he captured it all on his cellphone at around 11 a.m., Tuesday.

This time it happened at the ticket counter of Frontier Airlines.

“I could feel the tension in the air rising,” said Jerry, a witness.

He captured two passengers struggling with Miami-Dade Police in Terminal F, after apparently one of the woman threw a metal sign at the ticket agent.

“The exact words the cops said was it split her nose open,” said Jerry.

Other travelers expressed discomfort at the rise of these situations.

“Wow, it’s ridiculous,” said a woman.

“People are nuts, and social media makes it worse. They get their 5 minutes of fame, and it’s sad,” said another travel.

A Frontier spokesperson confirmed the passengers in the video were too late to check in for their flight, adding they became aggressive with one of the customers and physically assaulted a team member who required medical treatment.

Frontier said they are providing full support to the injured team member and are appalled by the conduct of the two customers.

This seems to be a recurring issue at the airport.

During the holidays, a similar situation occurred, but this time at an American Airlines gate during a passenger’s layover. The situation apparently sparked when the woman couldn’t find her kids, who at the time, had walked off to the bathroom. The woman was also caught on video losing it, throwing computers before hitting the gate agent with a monitor.

A year or so ago another viral video surfaced of a tussle between a police officer and a passenger. The officer drew his gun during the brawl. Two people were later detained.

The women in the most recent video were eventually handcuffed and loaded into the back of a squad car, Tuesday.

“Is it that stressful to travel?” 7News asked a passenger.

“It’s not,” said the passenger.

And some advice from one passenger to another:

“Just slow down,” said a man.

Frontier has banned the two women from traveling with them.

On Wednesday morning, the two women were released from jail in Southwest Miami-Dade.

7News is waiting to hear back with what charges these women will face.

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