MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - Miami-Dade Animal Control removed a dog that attacked a young girl, sending her to the hospital.

The dog’s owner surrendered the animal around 10 a.m., Thursday.

The 7-year-old that was attacked still remains in the hospital with a severe injury.

“I’m very, very happy that the dog is gone, but I’m also sad that my granddaughter is in the hospital suffering in pain,” said Carletha Rodgers, the victim’s grandmother. “It’s a bittersweet day.”

K’lonie Huges survived a gruesome dog attack Wednesday night at Northwest 207th Street Road.

The dog’s owner, Norberto Pass, told 7News he was sorry for the incident.

“Of course it affects me,” Pass said. “I have high blood pressure. I’m a father, how will I be OK with this? It’s not OK.”

Once the dog was in the back of an animal control van and barked, it had Rogers reliving the moment it all happened.

“My granddaughter laying on the ground while he’s attacking her, in pain, crying out yelling, screaming for help,” Rodgers said.

The attack took place in Crystal Meadow’s yard, a place where the neighborhood kids like to play.

“You hearing him growling like before he bit her, he must be growling or he would growl while he would bite her but you heard the growl and then her screaming,” Meadows said.

Video captured the attack, which showed Huges and her friend entering Meadow’s yard.

Then quickly, chaos ensued.

Huges’ friend ran and then jumped through a broken fence and onto a neighbors car to get to safety. Huges was unable to escape the dog’s jaw.

The injuries were so severe to her thigh and leg, that she was airlifted to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

“The chunk the dog bit out of her leg was nowhere to be found,” Rodgers said.

It is now a long road to recovery ahead for the first grader.

Her grandmother had a message for other kids in the neighborhood so they don’t get hurt like Huges.

“I advise everyone to be on the lookout when you see a dog,” she said. “Don’t never trust them.”

The dog did not live at the house where the attack happened. It came from down the street.

Now that the dog is in the hands of animal control, 7News asked the family what is next for the dog. They said that is up for administration to decide.

Miami-Dade Animal Control released a statement, which reads as follows, “On the evening of April 26, 2023, Miami-Dade County Animal Services received a request for police assistance for a dog bite incident in the area of 3875 NW 207th Street Rd in Miami Gardens and responded to the scene. The department has contacted the dog owner as well as victim’s family and initiated a dangerous dog investigation. The owner surrendered the dog with a request for humane euthanasia. Animal Services will continue working the ongoing dangerous dog investigation and may issue fines as pursuant to the law and the conclusion of the investigation.”

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