MIAMI LAKES, FLA. (WSVN) - Police in Miami Lakes beefed up their patrol as they tried to rein in a herd of cows on the loose in a Miami Lakes neighborhood.

Cellphone video captured the 20 or so four-legged fugitives as they strolled through suburban streets, Thursday night.

The cows were seen trotting up and down Ardoch Street.

“That is crazy. Oh, my God,” a woman is heard saying in the cellphone video.

Neighbors said the unannounced visitors checked out front yards, backyards and even sniffed out luxury cars.

“They trampled over Christmas decorations, mailboxes,” said an area resident.

All that destruction appears to have made the bovine vandals hungry, so neighbors’ holiday decorations were turned into snacks.

“Their poop is going to be glitter,” a woman is heard saying in the cellphone video.

“I saw in my neighbor’s driveway some, like, poop, skid marks,” said an area resident.

Miami-Dade Police even caught the trespassers in the act, but the 1,200-pound heavyweights appeared less than intimated by the officers.

“I honestly think it’s hysterical,” said resident Kristen Diaz.

Police eventually wrangled them out of the neighborhood.

7News cameras captured several of the cows grazing near a tree, Friday afternoon.

Neighbors said this is not the first time the cows have gotten loose.

“They escape every time. I don’t know what happens,” said Diaz. “I don’t know if the fence goes down or if someone does it on purpose, but the cows dip.”

A 7News crew showed longtime resident Catherine Baskin cellphone video of what happened just outside her front door, Thursday night.

“They are roaming in somebody’s yard. Um, wow,” she said.

Baskin said she drives by cow herds every day.

“But I did notice yesterday that there were not that many cows in that pasture. Now, I can’t tell you how they got out,” she said.

Area residents said there are cattle farms near the neighborhood, but it remains unclear from which one they escaped. They’re hoping those running the farms are able to keep the cows out of their streets.

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