MIAMI (WSVN) - Nordstrom Rack hosted a special shopping spree with a sibling twist.

On Tuesday morning, the department store in Miami partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters for a special event.

“Just getting a phone call saying I get a shopping spree and I don’t have to do anything just come, feels great,” said Vince Ashley, shopper.

Those who attended were paired up with a mentor and received a $400 gift card to shop to their heart’s content.

“I work myself, I get my scholarship, but I still put to the side for other people,” said Brielle Espino, shopper. “This is for myself, so it means a lot to me.”

Thanks to Nordstrom Rack, they’ll get to treat themselves and their loved ones ahead of the holidays.

“I did get the opportunity, but I want to share it with them too,” said Wadly J., shopper, “so the first thing I thought about was my niece, mom and then sister.”

“Money is slow, so this gives me an opportunity to definitely shop for things that I really want or something that I want to get my parents, so I’ll take advantage of that $400,” said Lauren Oates, a shopper.

“I’m shopping for my little cousin, she just came from Haiti, so I wanted to give her a little gift. She loves Barbie dolls, so I got her a little something she can play with,” said Ashley. “Hopefully, the dude can remind her of me.”

Shoppers and workers alike were excited about the opportunity.

“To see it happening in my store, it’s very meaningful to see that we’re giving back to the community,” said Jack Balayla, store manager, “especially here at the Midtown Rack where this area has developed so much, so it’s just a great feeling to see them here having fun and spending the money.”

Also grateful for Nordstrom Rack’s partnership, Vanessa Griffin. She’s the director of Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program.

“We support them through continuing education and just having their Big still there to help them guide through life,” she said.

This is just another way they’re feeling the love and support from Big Brothers Big Sisters with the help of Nordstrom Rack.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters has done so much for us, even after I graduated and look at me now,” said Espino. “I just thought it would be like parting, but look, I’m still here, so it means a lot. I am very, very grateful.”

Throughout the year, Nordstrom Rack partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters to support their mentoring program, and Tuesday was just another way they gave back.

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