NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A Northeast Miami-Dade homeowner is upset and frustrated after, she said, her condo association told her to remove her doorbell camera, days after another resident’s camera recorded a theft involving the building’s security guard.

Magdalena Cuprys, who lives at The Towers of Quayside condominiums, told 7News on Friday that she felt like many neighbors did upon watching the video.

“It made me mad, to be honest with you,” she said.

Back in June, the footage from another resident’s doorbell camera on Quayside Tower Four appears to show the security guard taking something from an injured elderly woman’s purse while first responders tended to her.

The video of the incident went viral after it was posted to social media. It was also aired on 7News.

The injured 83-year-old woman, who was taken to the hospital after she fell, opted not to press charges. She said she didn’t know if anything was taken despite the footage showing the now fired guard removing something from the bag and stuffing it in her pants.

Cuprys, who lives in a neighboring tower at Quayside, said she was glad to also have a doorbell camera like the resident who captured video of the theft.

She said she mentioned it within a Quayside Facebook group.

“As soon as I posted that I have a Ring doorbell, the next day I received a letter from the [homeowners] association stating that I was violating condo rules and that I have to remove my camera,” she said.

In the letter Cuprys received, the tower’s association cited “a material alteration of a common element” as the reason behind the order to remove her doorbell camera.

“It’s a cover-up, basically,” she said.

Cuprys, an attorney, posted about the letter on social media as well.

“I took a picture of the complete letter, and I posted it on the Facebook group so that they could all see what it stated,” she said.

Cuprys said the safety of her loved ones is paramount.

“I have a small child who is 8, and this was put up for my safety,” she said. “They’re more concerned about us not wanting to video things that happened and share them with other residents.”

The building’s letter essentially states Cuprys is violating a uniformity rule, but she showed a 7News crew clear examples of other doors on her floor that appear to also deviate from the rule, with knockers, security reinforcements and religious decorations.

She called the doorbell rule a double standard.

“If something happens tomorrow, there’s no camera, because they’ve asked to have them all taken off,” she said.

The building’s condo association and the person who wrote the letter did not immediately respond to 7News’ requests for comment.

Even though the security guard captured in the surveillance video was terminated, no criminal charges were filed against her.

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