MIAMI (WSVN) - A man accused of a number of creepy crimes across Brickell is behind bars after multiple women came forward claiming the same suspect attempted to touch or touched them inappropriately.

“We have arrested him for two [cases]. We’re looking into another case where he may fit the description, but that is something detectives are looking at now,” said Miami Police spokesperson Kenia Fallat.

The suspect, Emmanuel Bradley has been linked to a few cases. He appeared in court on Wednesday morning, and it appears he will be evaluated for possible mental health issues.

“What you’re charged with here is two counts of, two separate cases of battery,” said the judge.

Bradley knocked a microphone down in the courtroom and stormed off after he was denied bond. The judge asked for him to be brought back although officers denied him access to return.

One of the incidents happened at the beginning of April along Brickell Avenue and Southeast Seventh Street.

The other groping crime occurred this week near the 1100 block of Brickell Avenue.

Officers fear there may be more cases that haven’t been reported.

“We don’t want these women to be afraid. We want them to know that being unwantedly touched is a crime,” said Fallat.

A woman, who didn’t want to use her name, is sure the man in custody is the same man who made her feel uncomfortable.

“Since he didn’t actually touch me, I didn’t think to call the police,” said the woman.

She said she is glad she is speaking up now.

“If I would have known he was doing this to other people. I wish I would have said something or sure,” said the woman.

She said the bizarre incident happened near Southeast 12th Terrace on April 5.

“The man was sitting here, when I passed by he reached out and sort of lunged without getting up and grabbed at my skirt. I was wearing a hot pink mini skirt, and he goes, ‘come here pinky,’ and then I just I was out of his reach and just ran out of the way,” said the woman.

Another woman came forward as well. She also believes the same man groped her as she walked in the heart of Brickell.

“He came really close to me, and then he just grabbed my [Expletive]. I’m like, ‘what are you doing?'” said Sarah. “So I turned around, and I yelled at him, ‘This is not appropriate, like, no, don’t do that to me!'”

She said she didn’t know who to report it to and felt awful as soon as it happened.

“I sat down cause I was in such shock afterwards and then started crying because I was really upset,” said Sarah.

Detectives said this can happen anywhere and the best thing to do is call police immediately so they can investigate.

“The community continues to be our eyes and ears. If you don’t call us and let us know, we can’t look into it, so we just want women to be well aware if you’ve fallen prey to him or anybody else, let us know,” said Fallat.

Bradley is scheduled to reappear in court Friday to discuss possible mental health issues.

Police said if a similar situation happens to you do not confront the person, write down a description about the person as much as possible and contact detectives.

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