MIAMI (WSVN) - A South Florida woman learned a valuable lesson over the weekend—never be too trusting of people or technology.

While shopping at a Miami Home Depot on Saturday, Camila Rodriguez discovered her Tesla’s recording captured a bold theft from her car. She said she made the mistake of not checking if her car was locked because it supposedly locks automatically.

Rodriguez is now speaking out in order to prevent more thefts from happening, especially during the holiday shopping season.

“When I opened the trunk, surprisingly all of my shopping bags were gone,” said Rodriguez. “I think it’s important to identify this person, not because I want to do like a witch hunt or anything, but because I think it’s really important that he doesn’t do this to other people. That it doesn’t go unpunished.”

Reviewing the Tesla footage revealed an individual approaching her car with what appeared to be a rag as he used it to access the door handles.

“So we went over the recording right then and there, and it recorded a man taking out all of the bags and he started taking, I use reusable bags, so he started taking bags on his shoulder and then realized he didn’t have enough, so he went and grabbed a Home Depot cart and loaded it up with all the other stuff,” said Rodriguez.

She reported the incident to Miami Police, believing she made eye contact with the same person who later targeted her car.

“When I was stepping away from the car in the parking lot, I had run into him and he smiled at me, and I smiled, and I went on to do my things, so I was just very hurt and surprised,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez lost Christmas gifts and decorations in the incident.

“He took something from me that belonged to me, that I spent time and effort gathering,” she said.

As the investigation unfolds, Rodriguez hopes her experience serves as a reminder for everyone to stay vigilant during the festive season.

“Now I realize, that especially during the holidays, we do have to be more careful and make sure that we lock our cars and we don’t walk away, and sadly, that’s the reality of it,” she said.

Rodriguez also said that an officer was going to be passing by her home to gather more information on the theft.

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